Terms and Conditions Summary

This is a human readable summary of the full Terms and Conditions.
The full terms and conditions can be found at www.onlinelistener.co.uk/terms

1. Introduction

Online Listener is an online service to provide a place for confidential conversations between young people and peer listeners.

2. Summary

  • You can find these terms on any website run by Online Listener, please check them for updates.
  • Content is posted by users, and is not under the control of Online Listener. We only provide a place for conversations, and are not responsible for them.
  • If you use Online Listener, you are responsible for keeping account details such as your password secure.
  • You own any content that you post, and we display it on our website. We may also modify your post if necessary, for example automatically removing personal information such as names and addresses.
  • You will not post any content that is intended to bully, intimidate or otherwise harass any user, or use Online Listener to make money or for anything against the law.

3. Disclaimer

The Terms and Conditions Summary is not an agreement. It is a reference for understanding the full terms and conditions, and is a human readable expression of some key terms. This document itself has no legal value, and its contents do not appear in the terms and conditions.