Peer Support Software Features and Packages

Peer supporters reply to conversations started by students at their school using a secure, intuitive web interface. Staff can easily administer peer supporters on the system and provide support for the listeners by annotating conversations with tips or advice.

Online Listener peer support software is fully customisable, and each school is provided with an individual site with custom text, theme and web address. School staff have access to edit pages on their site using a simple word-processor style editor.

Intuitive Interface Intuitive

The peer support software creates a safe and secure environment for students to contact peer supporters at their school free of distractions, with a clean design.

Peer supporters reply securely, with an easy to use interface. Presented with options to defer the conversation to another listener if they prefer, and request support with conversations that may cause them concern.


Deployed as a centrally managed web service to provide a secure solution for schools, standards impossible to achieve in an in-house solution.

All personal data is stored on servers deployed from equipment in secure data centres.

secure servers


Assist your Peer Mentors when they need advice. Be notified when they are concerned by one of their conversations, and send messages to the concerned Peer Supporter by attaching comments directly to any message in their conversation.